Upcoming Events

14th Annual MNRDW Fundraising Banquet --- August 19th, 2023
MNRDW will have there 14th annual fundraising banquet, please come out and show your support.

 Our goal as a local chapter of Delta Waterfowl is to raise awareness of the organization
and waterfowl conservation efforts with a focus on youth participation and conservation activities.
We build and distribute wood duck boxes, sponsor an annual youth hunt and local youth shooting teams,
mentor students participating in scholastic conservation projects, as well as support and participate
in a local chapter of Hunting Retriever Club.

Your membership to Delta Waterfowl will benefit the continuing programs for duck production like
Predator Management and Hen Houses that add thousands of ducks to every fall flight, habitat conservation
through agriculture policy and habitat programs, waterfowl research through science based programs that 
have been in place since the 1930s, and a new initiative to boost waterfowl hunters in North America called 
HunteR3. It also helps provide you with the knowledge that Delta Waterfowl is making a difference for waterfowl
through their award-winning magazine and national website at www.deltawaterfowl.org. Delta Waterfowl has proudly
celebrated more than 100 years of conservation efforts.

“Delta Waterfowl’s mission is to provide knowledge, future leaders, 
solutions and its passion for waterfowl to scientists, resource managers,
waterfowlers, conservationists and the public to enhance waterfowl populations
 while securing the future of waterfowling.”

Delta Waterfowl has 60,000 members and chapters in 41 states and 7 provinces


Ticket pricing and information

Early Bird Registration
Tickets purchased or entry forms with payment received by August 4 will entitle
the ticket holder to be entered into the Early Bird drawing.

Sponsorship Information
The MNRDW banquet committee would like to take this opportunity to say how much we
greatly appreciate each and every one of our sponsors. If you were a sponsor last year,
we hope you will consider another sponsorship this year. If you weren’t a sponsor,
we hope you will consider becoming one this year. For a generous donation of $300,
each sponsor receives the items listed below with a total retail value of more than $300.

•	A one-year sponsorship to Delta Waterfowl valued at $100
•	A one-year subscription to Delta Waterfowl’s quarterly magazine and electronic newsletter
•	Two meal tickets to the banquet
•	$100 worth of general raffle tickets
•	One draw from the sponsor’s table (minimum value $50 with multiple chances to win a gun)
•	Your name or business listed on our chapter website and in the banquet program
•	From the home office, you will receive Delta Waterfowl decals, hat, t-shirt,
	and membership card credentials

We also have a $600 Wood Duck and $1200 Patron sponsorship available. These packages not only
include the basic sponsorship package listed above, but also include additional dinner tickets
and an increase in Delta sponsorship money. For more information on these packages,
please visit our website.

PRE-Banquet Shotgun Raffles

We are pre-selling three shotgun raffle packages that include a chance to win:
the designated shotgun in each package; a raffle bag; and $200 in general raffle tickets.
Since there will only be 25 packages for each gun sold, the odds of winning are pretty good!
These packages will have a special price of $150 each, ONLY until August 18. After this deadline
the price of any remaining packages will increase to $200 at the banquet.
This is a first-come-first-serve offer and no packages will be held.

The three shotgun packages offered are: a Benelli M2,a Beretta A400,and a Browning A5.
No guarantees that this special offer will be available at the banquet, so get them while they last!

The Delta Waterfowl Gun of the Year will also be sold as
a $200 raffle package, and will ONLY be sold during the banquet. It will include a raffle bag
and $200 in general raffle tickets like the other packages mentioned above. 

MNRDW in the Community

Middle Neuse River Delta Waterfowl is dedicated to supporting the community. Activities that the chapter supports include wood duck box projects and Fishing for Jesus Ministries.

Youth 5-Stand Shoot
MNRDW partnered with Kidd’s Place Sporting Clays and Pistol Range in Holly Springs, NC to have a youth shooting day. This is a way for kids to learn and enjoy shooting in a safe and controlled environment.

Pettigrew State Park
The MNRDW members have built over 150 wood duck boxes with 25 being donated and installed at Pettigrew State Park.

Cub Scouts
In addition to the Pettigrew State Park project, MNRDW also cut out and provided wood duck box kits for cub scouts to put together. These wood duck boxes have been placed in local swamps and duck habitats.

Neuse River Cleanup Day
MNRDW is proud to volunteer time to Neuse River Keeper Foundation and help keep a portion of the Neuse River clean.

Wood Duck Box Program
Our chapter sells wood duck boxes to raise money to help fund our events. The boxes are made from cypress and will withstand the elements for years to come! We can sell these boxes in flat pattern with instructions and hardware included or already assembled. Predator guards also available.
Cypress Wood Duck Box $50 each
Predator guards $20 each